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Good Friend Chicken is not your typical Restaurant or Chinese eatery in the heart of the Chinatown. This is a Taiwanese, street-food and food-on-foot type of spot. However, this place only has three seats and is yet packed with hoards of people waiting for that golden, delicious yumminess. Yes, that’s right, another fried food place up for a review on this blog!

Have you also been too hungry to wait for dinner, yet you can convince yourself that you squeeze a little snack in and finish your entire dinner? or have you ever eaten a full meal but have that lingering “There is always room for dessert” feeling in your stomach? Well, this place is perfect for filling that gap and satisfying your fried food and bubble tea cravings. Also, if this is your thing, keep reading on! But I advise that this is not a good idea if you are hungry or on a diet.

First Impressions of Good Friend Chicken

Although Good Friend Chicken is not the most aesthetically pleasing place I was very intrigued when I walked past here. It was around 10 pm and it was packed with hoards of people. But I am not usually one to follow the crowd, my first impressions were, “They must be queueing up for something good!”. Also, you also are obviously familiar with fried chicken with south-east Asian ethnic twists. For instance, you will see countless ASMR videos of people eating Korean fried chicken or chicken karaage. But Taiwanese fried chicken?! I have not heard that one before, so I was intrigued to try it out.

Good Friend Chicken Menu, Atmosphere & Options

Taiwanese Fried Chicken blog review, Chinatown, London

Good Friend Chicken does not just serve Taiwanese fried chicken as mainly advertised. Also, they serve a wide range of Taiwanese style fried squid, octopus, prawns and plenty of bubble tea. For instance, they serve a range of milk and fruit-based teas along with other exotic snacks such as plum chips.

Do you also want to know what’s cool about this place? They have the option to order fried chicken skins! So there is no need to save your chicken skins as the best til last. You can simply order bags full of the best part of the chicken (in my opinion anyway!). Also, I recommend the “Super Romantic Deal”, especially if you are paying by card – There is a £10 minimum charge. You get popcorn chicken and chicken breast for £10 and believe me, the portions are huge. Also, if you like cheesy chicken, they also serve the volcanic cheesy chicken, make sure to eat this at your own risk!

Good Friend Blog Review, Chinatown, London
A wide range of seasoning to spice up your life and vamp up your foodie experience!

If you are in need to spice up your life, this is the place to go! Also, one really cool thing about Good Friend Chicken is the choice of seasoning you can have on your deep fried goods. Personally, my favourite seasonings are the plum, chilli and curry seasoning – they are the absolute bomb! It really gives the food an even more unique flavour and twist.

My Verdict!

Crispy Chicken Breast: 10/10

Taiwanese chicken breast, Chinatown, London
One of the two huge chicken breast pieces that you get
Taiwanese Chicken Breast, Chinatown, London
Crispy Chicken Breast with Plum Seasoning

I highly recommend the chicken breast as the portions are HUUUGE and the chicken collects a lot of that good seasoning. But the photos do not do much justice for the size. However, the fillets are bigger than my actual entire hand! But despite the fact that this is fried chicken, it is crispy and not greasy, oily or overwhelming. Also, one wonderful thing about this place is that everything is fresh, cooked to order and piping hot whilst being served.

As for the seasoning and coating, Taiwanese fried chicken has a sweet and salty type of element going on. For instance, it is simply one of those flavour combinations to die for such as salted caramel and sweet and salty popcorn. The batter is very unique and crunchy, it seems to be made with some type of corn/cereal based coating to give it that extra crunch. Also, the sweet plum seasoning gives it that extra sweetness which is to die for.

Popcorn Chicken: 10/10

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken, Chinatown, London
Popcorn Chicken with Curry Seasoning

If you are into something more crunchy and bite-size, I recommend that you go for the popcorn chicken. Also, this is just as delicious as the chicken breast fillets. Honestly, if I had to pick one between the two, I couldn’t. However, the curry seasoning is delicious, it tastes a lot like those delicious Chinese curries that you get from takeaways and restaurants.

Strawberry Fruit Tea: 8/10

Strawberry Fruit Tea, London
Strawberry Fruit Bubble Tea

If you are looking for a sweet and gourmand type of bubble tea, do not get a fruit tea here, this is because the fruit teas here are very natural and fresh tasting. For instance, they are nothing like those super-sweet type of Bubbleology bubble teas that give you diabetes. However, the fruit teas have a green tea base which is very refreshing to drink. Also, I love the tapioca in this as it is the chewy type which gives it that nice texture.

Overall Verdict

I immediately visited this place the next time I visited Chinatown as this truly gave a lasting good impression. This is my favourite (Yes, favourite!) chicken stop and trying Taiwanese style street food is a truly unique experience. However, this may not be the fanciest looking place but it sure does serve amazing food! Also, I will not be responsible for any weight gained by readers after reading this – Lol!

Good Friend Chicken Location & Details

Address: 14 Little Newport St, London WC2H 7JJ



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