Laksamania Review | Authentic Malaysian Food in London?

Since I have Malaysian ethnic roots I have always had this innate passion and love for Malaysian cuisine. I have tried various traditional Malaysian dishes such as nasi lemak, roti canai and beef rendang but there was something missing – I have NEVER tried laksa! This is where Laksamania sounded like an ideal spot to visit. Laksa is also one of the most popular traditional dishes from Malaysia. It consists of a luxurious, rich, spicy and coconut based broth with an array of stunning ingredients added into it. For example, ingredients include sambal (shrimp paste), fish balls, crispy char-siu and of course, delicious noodles. However, if you are confused about what laksa is, think of it as an exotic and spicy version of ramen!

I have always had a love for Malaysian due to its Chinese and Indian influence which is, of course, the best of both amazing worlds bursting with flavour! I just simply adore the exotic ingredients and pure love and care that is put into Malaysian food. However, I have found that London seems to be lacking in authentic Malaysian food spots. Yes, I have tried a few Malaysian restaurants in London but none of them had that rich, exotic and authentic touch which hits the spot.

After pure internet research, I decided to give this place a visit due to the pure speciality in laksa and the sheer amount of choice! So if you are looking to spice up your with life with some exotic eastern fire, then Laksamania is the right place!

Laksamania First Impressions & Ambience

Laksamania Store Front
Laksamania Entrance

I was pretty excited and impressed when I arrived here, I was greeted with a large menu of so many types of laksa to choose from followed by a spacious and calm atmosphere. For instance, the restaurant was not too loud, crowded or overpowering in any way. Plus, the aroma of the satay being grilled in the kitchen is enough to spark up your appetite! I found this place pretty impressive and zen-like to start off with.

Laksamania Decor & Dining Area

Laksamania Menu & Options

Laksamania menu
Examples of the Types of Laksa’s you can Choose

When it comes to visiting Laksamania you are simply spoilt for choice! The difficult part is, well, coming to a decision on choosing your bowl of laksa! I decided to choose the Singapore laksa and it appears to be the most traditional and well-known type of laksa. Plus, it emphasises on the coconut base – Once I saw this, I was sold!

Trying Something New

Laksamania Scallop, Banana & Egg-Yolk Roll
Banana, Scallop and Salted Egg-Yolk Roll

Scallop, Salted Egg Yolk & Banana Roll: 4/10

When I saw this on the menu I cringed a little over the thought of this. But! curiosity got the best of me! Don’t knock something until you try it right? Well, I have tried it and yes, I will knock it! This starter cost a whopping £8 so I thought that it was a little cheeky including one roll that has been cut in half. However, it is cooked well! For instance, the scallop and salted egg yolk are cooked through whilst the banana is not heated as much (which is a good thing!). So, the balance of temperatures was great.

As for flavour, it is very unique yet very bland. For example, if you deep fry something, you have to add extra seasoning which is why dishes like southern fried chicken are chock full of salt and spice, this did not have any of that. However, a little soy sauce would have done the trick! Would I try it again? No, because it is not worth the money. But am I glad that I tried it? Yes! Life is all about trying new things!

The Lowdown of the Laksa

Laksamania Singapore Laksa
Singapore Laksa

Singapore Laksa – 9.5/10

This laksa is purely original and divine. There is such an explosion flavour going on that this is hard to describe. It tastes of a delicious and complex mixture of coconut, spicy sambal, delicious curry and some underlying chilli. Also, the texture of the succulent prawns and chicken, the crispy beansprouts and the egg and vermicelli noodles were to die for! The touch of the fish cakes and fish balls are also a scrumptious addition as they taste like they are homemade. Another must-have in laksa are crispy beancurd puffs as they soak up that rich and delicious broth – and this place did not fail to deliver on that!

The mint and lime added always freshens up laksa so make sure to squeeze away before digging in!

Laksamania Ipoh Laksa
Ipoh Laksa

Ipoh Laksa – 9/10

If you are into BBQ pork and BBQ flavours, you will love the Ipoh laksa! Like the Singapore laksa, there is a similar base but it has a stronger clover, aniseed and five-spice based aroma and flavour. This laksa is more rich and spicy in contrast to the Singapore laksa. Also, it includes delicious muscles and char siu which adds an amazing touch!

There is Always Room for Dessert!

Laksamania Coconut Snow Ice
Coconut Snow Ice

Coconut Snow Ice – 10/10

The texture of this is just so unique! You get melt-in-the-mouth snow ice in tamarind syrup with chunks of green baby jelly coconut and red beans. It is a truly exotic and delicious desert that you will never get enough of. The texture, flavour and sweetness is truly unique and resembles delicious street food deserts found by the beaches in Thailand. The best part of this desert was the natural coconut jelly, this desert does not taste fake or syrupy. Instead, it tastes pure, natural, sweet and exotic.

The Deets!

Overall I would recommend this place if you need to spice up your life and try something new. It is truly authentic and if you are looking for true Malaysian laksa, this is the real deal!

Address: 92 Newman St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3EZ



  1. April 29, 2019 / 8:16 pm

    I’ll bear this in mind next time I crave for Laksa when I’m in London. I’ve only ever eaten Singapore Laksa.

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