Elba Premium Suites | Thalasso Spa Review

Hello everyone! It has been ages since I’ve posted on this blog. I’ve been working on other projects and have a huge backlog of posts to publish. Posts are mostly from my stay at the Elba Premium Suites in Playa Blanca this summer.

So, you know what that means? More hotel and food reviews! But do you want to know what my favourite part about trying out a new hotel is? That’s right, you’ve probably know by now – Trying out the spa!

One massive perk of booking a stay at the Elba Premium Suites was the one-day pass to use the spa. But unfortunately this didn’t include treatments as these come at an extra cost. However, I actually prefer spending time alone in spas to truly relax and honestly, this is one of my favourite parts of any holiday.

Initial Thoughts of The Elba Premium Suites Thalasso Spa 

Elba Premium Suites Spa Reception Area
Elba Premium Suites Spa Reception Area
Elba Premium Suites Spa Changing Area
Elba Premium Suites Spa Changing Area

I was pretty excited as I was happy with the overall decor and cleanliness of the hotel – So make sure to keep a lookout as I have some further reviews on this place coming up!

The atmosphere IS very peaceful and non-intimadating – And beleive me, hotel spas can be very intimidating. For instance, I have been hassled and pressured to purchase extra treatments in various hotels despite booking all inclusive. But there was none of that here! You simply show your room key at the reception, grab your towels and make use of all of the facilities in the spa.

So, What’s Really Included in The Elba Premium Suites Spa?

  • Pool – This has many different functions such as waterfall taps and bubbles
  • Sauna 
  • Heated Loungers 
  • Turkish Hammam Steam Room – This has a gorgeous eucalyptus smell which is perfect for clearing your airways and mind
  • A Rustic Swedish Shower – This shower is like essentially pouring a cold bucket over water over yourself. So this really took rustic to another level!
  • A Thermal Shower – This includes many sifferent showerheads which spray from all different angles. Be careful though! As I ended up screaming my head off due to the drastic temperature changes!

The Pros and Cons of The Elba Premium Suites Spa


  • Includes complimentary teas and cold drinks – Which is perfect for when you come out of that sauna!
  • Stunning decor and very clean
  • The spa is mostly empty despite it being peak season
  • Very good facilities 
  • Plenty of space


  • A lot of extra costs – This is more of an issue with the overall hotel. For instance, despite booking for all inclusive, there are many extra charges for food and drinks. But the good news is that they don’t force it upon you or hassle you.

If you have stayed in Playa Blanca previously or are planning to stay at the Elba Premium Suites, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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