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Visiting Lanzarote is not a usual thing for me. Especially since I’ve visited around 9 times now! But there is one hotel and resort that I have not visited in Lanzarote yet – The Elba Premium Suites in Playa Blanca.

So I decided to do a holiday search. But I became bored of staying in conventional hotel rooms time and time again and wanted to try something different. That’s when the Elba Premium Suites really caught my eye.

If you want to know whether staying in a suite is really worth it, then read your heart out on this…

First Impressions of The Elba Suites

My first impressions of the Elba Suites is that this place is extremely modern and clean. One thing that I love about many hotels and resorts in Lanzarote is the minimalistic and modern decor.

One thing to keep in mind before booking is that the Royal Village and Premium Suites are two different sections. Plus, one thing that I love about staying at the Premium Suites is the fact that this part is away from the noise and busy facilities. So if you’re looking for peace – The Premium Suites is the place to go!

Finally, to clear things up the Premium Suites is adults only and the Royal Village is more suitable for families with children.

The Suites Decor & Facilities

  • Elba suites bedroom
  • Elba suites bedroom
  • Elba suites bedroom
  • elba suites shower
  • Elba suites bathroom miniatures
  • elba suites
  • elba suites tv and coffee facilities
  • elba suites kettle
  • elba suites shower
  • elba suites
  • elba suites art

In terms of comfort, the suites here are fantastic. Because they are extremely clean and include those little extras.

These little extras include a Nespresso machine, a kettle, teas, mini shower gels and toiletries. Plus, the beds, sofas and outdoor chairs are extremely comfortable – And I cannot say that on behalf of a lot of hotels.

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention the stunning volcanic artwork in these suites. However, I particularly love the blue abstract art above the beds.

But one of my ultimate favourite parts of the suites is not only the decor, but the open waterfall shower design. However, don’t worry about the shower floor being completely flat. Because it’s specially designed in a way for water to drain down sufficiently – So you don’t have to worry about water leaking everywhere!

Finally, if you’re looking for a lot of outdoor space, you’ll love…

Your Own Gorgeous Patio/Garden

The space outside of these suites are fantastic and are a big change in contrast to a conventional hotel balcony! Also, please don’t let the fact that these hotel gardens being on a pathway put you off. Because these hotels are positioned and covered by plants in a way where you’re guaranteed privacy.

There are also a few friendly cats that occasionally come into the gardens.

Elba Premium Suites Grounds & Aesthetics

All of the grounds are maintained incredibly well and there are always quirky and stunning plants to see on every corner.

What is nice is that there are also a lot of indoor plants and natural sunlight coming into the reception and lobby. However, besides the basic grounds and reception area, there are many other aspects to cover in detail…

But, Where’s What is The Food Like at The Elba Premium Suites?!

Let’s face it, food is what makes a holiday. Which is why I am going to cover the dining, pool and bars in the next post!

But overall I have absolutely no faults with the suites whatsoever. Also, I’d highly recommend booking to stay in a suite over a conventional hotel room.



    • March 7, 2020 / 2:17 pm

      Agreed! I love how a lot of interior designs in Lanzarote are similar to this

  1. March 7, 2020 / 12:40 am

    This looks like such a great place to stay! Thanks so much for sharing all about it. Looking forward to your next post all about the food!

    • March 7, 2020 / 2:26 pm

      Thanks so much! The food is really what made it worth the stay!

      And sorry, I accidentally commented twice on one of your posts x

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