Howdy! My name is Amy Jane Cheong and I am a freelance social media manager, copywriter and writer. So as you can see, I do quite a lot! But all of what I do is online so I pretty much class myself as a digital nomad.

So, why did I start this blog? Because I wanted to share the positives in life. I was depressed and deleted my old blog to take my focus off of life’s problems and to focus on those “little things in life”. Whether it’s a lovely local cafe or an exotic destination which now has a place in my heart, I wanted to share those experiences with you – The readers!

Secondly, this blog and what I do now all stems from when I did my Psychology degree. Because I simply felt disillusioned and jaded. Why? I had an amazing career and life in front of me, right? Well, that’s what society wanted me to believe while I was working towards a lifestyle that I didn’t want and would have potentially hated.

Essentially, I went from leaving school with one shameful GCSE at an E grade to achieving first-class marks in my stats modules and an overall 2:1 in my Psychology degree at university. But the lifestyle ahead of me wasn’t bright (for me anyway!). Why? Because I felt swallowed up by the education system and felt like I’d have no time for love, family and travel once I got my “career sorted”. But the rest of the details is another story!

So I dropped two places I had on two masters courses to work for myself and to plan for motherhood. I wanted to truly be able to create and work towards a lifestyle – not a career.

So as opposed to delaying or potentially missing out on motherhood and putting all of my energy into a basic career which would’ve drained the life out of me, I found a new purpose. Also, I wanted to be at home with my kids and create a life with much more meaning and balance – And no, not through pestering people to buy shitty shakes, makeup or wraps on social media (Believe me, I’ve been there too).

So although a majority of how I achieved this lifestyle was through trial and error, hard work and a ton of luck, I want to show people that you don’t have to follow societal norms to be happy! So if you want something, go get it. Period.

So if you want those “Ah, if she can do it, so can I!” moments and love foodie and travel content – You’re in the right place! Also, I will be doing a lot of mummy blogging very soon and will be sharing my TTC and pregnancy journey on here.

And if you’re a blogger, I interact and follow back so feel free to engage with me and support each other as bloggers!

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